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As an exclusive Master Agent for the Sprint Prepaid Group, Top Up Solutions offers the following products & services through our optimized dealer website for easy ordering and fullfilment of products.


Branded Retailer Program

- Here at Top Up Solutions (TUS) first and foremost we identify with the challenges our dealer partners face in the competitive telecommunications industry. We support hundreds of dealer partners that are exclusive with SPG products and services. The branded program includes fixtures and signage with access to Apple iphone products and services as well. As a branded retail partner dealers receive greater commissions, residual and access to new phones exlcusively at launch. Our branded partners focus solely on the Boost & Virgin mobile brands to provide the look and feel of a corporate store while being in control of their own business. There are no franchise fees or other licensing fees required. New partners interested in learning more about the Branded retail program should contact or call 909-895-0284.

Authorized Retailer Program

- Top Up Solutions supports hundreds of multi-carrier locations in addition to the exclusive or branded retailer program. Multi-carrier stores are those that wish to carry products and services from multiple carriers in the industry. The business has evolved over the last several years and the ease of becoming an authorized retailer (multi-carrier) partner for SPG products and services is easier today than ever. There are minimum commitment levels required including purchasing a minimum amount of phones (5) and activating new customers monthly. The authorized retailer program has a rich commission component for new subscriber activations and Boost & Virgin Mobile activation commissions pay within a few days of a qualified activation versus a 30 day delay. Top Up is looking for partners who wish to expand their portfolio and who are committed to introducing and selling Boost & Virgin mobile products and services. For more information on the authorized retailer program please contact or call 909-895-0284.

ePay Payment Services

- Generate additional revenue through ePay. ePay is our exclusive payment processor where you can accept bill payments for household services such as; gas, water, electric. You can also offer pin and real time replenishment services for various carriers including: Boost Movile, Virgin Mobile, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, At&t, tracfone, PagePlus and many more! Contact us today!


- Acess a full line of accessories for your retail location through our website for LG, Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Apple iPhone, Kyocera and Motorola (google) devices.

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